The Ostrich is a very intriguing animal. Though a bird, it is unable to fly. Generally, this particular animal claims Africa as its place of origin. However, it can be found in numerous locations throughout the world. This particular bird species is considered the largest of any other type of bird in the world. In this particular article, we will closely examine this bird. Here you will discover fascinating information regarding many aspects of this bird.

The ostrich does not bury its head.


The name of the ostrich was created by examining the basic physical appearance of this bird. The official or scientific name of this bird is “Struthio Camelus”. This particular name is derived from the Greeks. When translated, this name means “camel sparrow”, or “a sparrow that resembles a camel”. The reason that it was named as such is due to the fact that it is a type of bird with an extremely long neck.

In addition to an extremely long neck for a bird species, it also has exceptionally long legs. When you combine the length of the neck, and the length of the legs, you have an exciting combination of speed and precision and it is considered to be the fastest bird when it comes to speeds achieved on land. Individuals that study this species of birds have documented these animals to achieve land speeds as high as forty miles per hour!

The weight that is considered the norm for these birds is relatively high. The average bird weighs approximately two hundred pounds. There have been some that have been scaled up to nearly three hundred and fifty pounds. The ostriches that are heavier are normally the male of this species.

Males that are considered to be adults normally stand at heights that average between seven and nine feet. The average size of an adult female is generally between five and seven feet. Chicks are known to grow at great rates when they are young. This is the main contributor to their overall height and weight. It has been estimated that these birds normally grow nearly a foot per month for the first six months of their life.

The females are generally brown with a gray tint. They may also exhibit some white. These colors are also relatively common among young males as well. The adult male usually displays mostly black. There may be some white mixed in around the areas of the tail and the very tips of the wings.

Birds that fly, normally display features that are relatively rough in texture. Many people may be surprised to know that the ostrich has very smooth and soft feathers. The entire purpose behind the soft feathers is to provide comfort and insulation for the bird's bare legs and thighs. Feathers may also be used during mating rituals, and to provide comfort to the young.

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