Ostrich habits are unbelievable. The Ostrich has a number of habits that are specific to their species.

One of the main habits is that which reflects the ways that they travel. These birds are quite social. They enjoy traveling in large groups. While many may travel with as few as three to four other ostriches, some may travel with herds that are as large as fifty or more.

Normally, these types of birds will consume different types of seeds. However, they have been noted to consume various types of plants. These birds do not have teeth.

Many times, you may notice that these birds consume rocks. This is one method that is used to assist in the digestion process. They may also consume small insects as well. Water is rated top as one of the many items that the ostrich enjoys; however, the body of this bird is able to go for a long period without ingesting this liquid.

It is a known fact that these types of birds are able to see with exact precision and are able to hear extremely well. These two traits assist them in remaining safe from animals that may choose to hunt them. Good sight and hearing, in conjunction with their high rates of speed, help to keep them at safe distances from those animals that may wish to harm them for feeding purposes.

When an ostrich is in the position in which they must hide from nearby predators, they are able to blend in effectively with their environment. They will simply lay as flat as possible in order to ensure that they are not recognized.

It has also been noted by numerous zoologists that when an ostrich reproduces, the reproducing parents are not always the ones that raise the young. There is a ritual in which various parents will fight, and the winning team keeps the offspring.

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