Ostrich leather is considered among the finest and most durable leathers in the world, and is sought after by many major fashion houses.

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Ostrich leather is considered among the finest and most durable leathers in the world, and is sought after by many major fashion houses.

It's available in a wide variety of different colors and finishes, and is used for many different applications. You can find leather upholstery, shoes, automotive products, accessories such as handbags, and clothing. It has a characteristic texture in which the leather appears to have “goose bumps.” This is due to the placement of the feathers on the original hide.

Types and Grades of Leather

In addition to the distinctive leather made from skin on the body of the ostrich, leather may sometimes be made from its leg skin. This leather will sport a “scaly” appearance, and is very recognizable. There are several major areas of the ostrich's body from which different kinds of leather are taken. “Quill” leather comes from the back, neck, and upper and lower belly.

Only forty percent of the hide has a quill pattern. The other sixty percent of the ostrich's body produces leather called “plain.” Unblemished leather is referred to as “first grade.” Leather that's blemished will be graded between two and five. The most valuable part of the skin is the Crown Quill area.

Leather Care

Quality leather is colored using transparent dyes and does not have a corrected surface. You should be able to see the actual surface grain of the leather. It should be cleaned by wiping gently with a damp cloth. Don't use detergents or other cleaning agents. Light can cause this leather to fade, so it should be stored in a dark location. Also, contact with heat should be avoided. Direct heat can make permanent blemishes on your ostrich hide.

Any oil stains should be sprinkled with talcum powder as soon as they occur, to draw out the oil. Allow the powder to remain on the leather for a while, and then brush it off. The oil should come off with the powder.

Products Made From Leather

Popular products for which ostrich leather is used include designer hand bags, men's wallets, and upholstery. This leather is best used in areas where its distinctive appearance is desirable, given the expense.

Products which need to be very durable are also often made from ostrich leather, since it has the ability to outlast ordinary bovine leather.

Golf bags and jackets are also commonly made from this leather. Modern dyes allow it to be made in any color of the rainbow, including white and black.

Items made from ostrich leather will tend to cost more than items in normal leathers. Be wary of “discount” leather, since it could be an imitation of the real thing.

Buying Ostrich Skins

If you want to buy an ostrich hide, rather than as an item that's already been made up, here are some facts to help you.

Ostrich skins tend to be between eleven and eighteen square feet, and are bought in the above mentioned grades. Grades two and three are common for commercial skin sales. The higher the grade and the larger the skin, the more it will cost.

Most skins are around $150 to $200 apiece, without shipping costs added in. Skins can be bought in all colors that finished products can be found in, but white and buff are very common. In many cases, you may be able to purchase leather directly from the farm, via the Internet.

If you're planning to resell this exotic leather, be sure to include your shipping costs in the end markup. Usually, people who sell ostrich skins use a markup of around ten to twenty percent.

If you're planning to use ostrich leather for craft or garment purposes, remember that it's a lot tougher than other hides. Sharp

and durable machinery is a must when working with ostrich leather!

Ostrich leather is among the most popular of exotic leathers. It's been on the market since the mid 1970s, when ostrich farmers began to sell it as a by product of ostrich meat production. Since then, it's only become more widespread in use, as people recognize its durability and unique character.

If you're looking for something new, consider an item made from ostrich leather. You're sure to be satisfied by this unique type of leather. Whatever ostrich leather product

you choose, it will last you a long time.

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