ostrich pictures


This is a few ostrich pictures of my own ostriches that I have take in the past.

I bought six chicks (three males and three females). One of my males died before I even got them home. It had an impaction and could not stand the operation.

When I got my birds in a growing mood I started taking pictures of them. Some of these pictures are of the chicks that I bought and others are of young chick that I hatched (or had hatched).

Most of the pictures are taken in my back yard with me and my grandkids.

I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures as much as I did making them possible.

Eggs in an in incubator

Ostrich eggs and chick still in the incubator

An ostrich in a love dance

Here is one of my birds showing for his mate.

Walking and looking

Here is a three year old trying to find out what is going on.

Headed for the barn

These birds hear someone in the feed house.

Three month old chick

This is one of my first chicks when it was three months old.

Another love dance

Daddy is really trying to get Mama's attention.

What's going on?

Where you talking to me?

You can't catch me!

She is in a hurry for some reason.

Here we are

We are ready for whatever may come.

One year old birds

We grow fast! One-year old birds.

Wait and I'll go with you

Going to see the excitement.

My first egg

This was my first egg and boy was I proud!

Size comparison

My very large dog, my six year old grandson and my two year old birds.

Daddy showing off to mama

Daddy bird showing off for Mama bird.

In a hurry

When they run they use their wings like a steering wheel to gude themselves.

Rounding up the hens

A rooster rounding up his hens.

Seeing eye to eye

Here's Looking at'cha bub...

The Ostrich has the largest eye of any land animal. About 5 citimeters across.

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